I work in a relational way, painting to sculpture and sculpture to painting. My studio is like a magnetic field where materials such as foam, plaster, fabric, wire and pigment gravitate towards each other in order to conduct meaning. In sculpture my focus is on juxtaposing materials that misbehave and embody a capricious world that transforms and grows organically.

When I paint I am like the archeologist, unearthing that which is hidden and buried.  My paintings are like gardens, plots of land. I watch them grow with my hands. Like clouds, they coagulate themselves into existence. And sometimes they rain and storm, and solidify like lava.

I revisit my tactile encounters with color in Guatemala and dive into my nostalgia for the Polish rural landscape. I am also greatly inspired by indigenous cultures from around the world, such as Aborigines and Native Americans, and their connection with nature and the Cosmos.

Various worlds are on display all at once, caught in a sphere of potential relation to one another. Sometimes they quake and disturb one another, shifting about materially and visually all the time, fluctuating between the familiar and the indecipherable. I have a sense of completion when I look at my paintings or sculptures and they start to vibrate like visual songs or poems.